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The following items are listed for your convenience.  I can't vouch for them, either because I haven't seen them myself or because I don't especially like them. Still, you may feel differently. (You might feel your collection won't be complete without them.)   Either way, it's still interesting to see what's available. . . .








Adult Books

The Tarzan Chronicles by Howard E. Green,  hardcover, Hyperion Press. The major Disney-produced adult work on the character and new film, which has been described as a sort of "The Making of Disney's Tarzan."

Tarzan Forever: The Life of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Creator of Tarzan by John Taliaferro. An error-filled, unfairly negative (but highly readable) biography that owes an enormous debt to Irwin Porges' Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Created Tarzan (which, unfortunately, is out of print).

The Corpse at the Haworth Tandoori: Edgar and Tarzan by Robert Barnard, hardcover, 256 pages, Scribner (April 1999). Mystery novel; your guess is as good as mine as to its connection to ERB.

The Poetics of Imperialism: Translation and Colonization from the Tempest to Tarzan by Eric Cheyfitz, Paperback (expanded edition), University of Pennsylvania Press.

To Tangle With Tarzan: Seven Short Stories and an Epic (African Writers Library) by Chudi Uwazurike, paperback, Red Sea Press, Inc.

The Land That Time Forgot / The People That Time Forgot / The Lost Continent / The Oakdale Affair by Edgar Rice Burroughs, paperback, 400 pages, Blue Unicorn Editions. Another contender in the Most Botched Contents of an ERB Anthology Contest. (Where is "Out of Time's Abyss"?)

Tarzan of the Apes: Three Complete Novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs (Greg Suriano, Editor), hardcover, 672 pages, Grammercy. Another botched anthology.

Tarzan Tales Collection (3 Volumes) by Edgar Rice Burroughs, paperback, 1200 pages, Blue Unicorn Editions. (Blue Unicorn produces "print on demand" books, which are not attractive.)

Tarzan: The Epic Adventures by R. A. Salvatore, paperback. Based on recent TV fiasco.

Tarzan: The Lost Adventure by Edgar Rice Burroughs & Joe R. Lansdale, illus. by Gary Gianni, M. Kaluta, Charles Vess, Dark Horse hardcover. Expanded and mostly rewritten version of ERB's unfinished Tarzan novel. Also available in mass market paperback.

Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs, hardcover, Amereon Ltd.

The Son of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs, hardcover, Amereon Ltd.

Disney & Other Juveniles

Tarzan Coloring Book by Edgar Rice Burroughs, John Green, Dover paperback, 48 pages, ages 4-8.  (This looks like a trademark infringement and may not be available long, or even now.)

How to Draw Tarzan,  Walter Foster Pub. Paperback, Ages 9-12. (This, too, appears to be a trademark infringement.)

Tarzan, hardcover, ages 4-8, Mouse Works.

Tarzan (Junior Novel Series) by Kathleen W. Zoehfeld, hardcover, 48 pages, ages 4-8, Disney Pr (Juv Pap).

Tarzan (Junior Novel Series) by Russel Schroeder, Russell Schroeder, Victoria Saxon, hardcover, 72 pages "collectors edition," ages 9-12, Disney Pr (Juv Pap).

Disney's Tarzan Wild Friends (Touch and Feel Book), hardcover, 10 pages (board edition, baby-preschool), Mouse Works.

Disney's Tarzan Postcard Book, Hyperion Press. 

Disney's Tarzan Me and You by Victoria Saxon, hardcover, 5 pages (board edition, baby-preschool), Mouse Works.

Disney's Tarzan Jungle Jam (Chunky Roly Poly Board Book), hardcover, 8 pages (board edition, baby-preschool, Mouse Works.

Disney's Tarzan Goes Bananas (Disney's First Reader) by Judy Katschke, paperback, 32 pages, ages 4-8, Disney Pr (Juv Pap).

Disney's Tarzan Flip Book, paperback, 96 pages, ages 4-8, Mouse Works.

Disney's Tarzan: A Special Collector's Edition by Russel Schroeder, Victoria Saxon, Russell Schroeder, 72 pages, library binding, ages 4-8, Disney Pr (Lib).

Disney's Tarzan (Disney's Read-Aloud Storybooks), hardcover, 64 pages, ages 4-8, Mouse Works.

Tarzan Scrap, Toy Sty, hardcover, Disney Pr (Juv Pap, September 2000?).

Tarzan: Jungle Adventure (Junior Novel Series), hardcover, 5 pages, baby-preschool board edition, Mouse Works.

Tarzan, paperback, 56 pages, Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation (June 1999). A second version with a different ISBN.

Tarzan by Robert D. San Souci & Edgar Rice Burroughs, Michael McCurdy (Illustrator), Hyperion Press, hardcover, ages 4-8.

Great Adventure Novels for Children : Tom Sawyer, Robin Hood, the Story of King Arthur, Tarzan, the Three Musketeers, Kidnapped, Robinson Crusoe, paperback, Dover, ages 4-8.

Tarzan of the Apes (Step-Up Classics) by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tim Gaydos (Illustrator), Harold Woods (Contributor), Gerald Woods, paperback, 96 pages, Random House, ages 9-12.

Tarzan of the Apes (Bullseye Step into Classics) by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Turtleback (Demco Media).

Tarzan (Children's Thrift Classics)  by Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert Blaisdell, John Green (Illustrator), paperback, 96 pages, Dover, Young Adult.

Peanut Butter Tarzan and Roosters Activity Book by Jackie Weissman, paperback (1987), Miss Jackie Music. (This sounds like a kids' book but may not be.)

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